What to do on a warm day in March.

This photo was taken about a week ago, March.  The air was so warm that day.  I was so thankful for everything in my life, especially the opportunity to have a job where I can take off and go riding.  God Bless America.


San Diego

San Diego was beautiful!  The weather was a constant 80 something degrees.  I loved seeing all the little towns, and especially enjoyed the organic farmers markets.  There was a festival on just about every corner, and I finally got to eat a “fish taco”.  I didn’t like it much, but at least I tried it.  We had some really friendly hosts, but coming from the East Coast…I noticed that nobody I met in San Diego was in any hurry to get anywhere.  Isn’t that what vacation is all about??

Lake Tahoe Nevada….Ahhhhhhhhh!

Last year I went to Lake Tahoe to learn to ski.  I’m always hearing about the “powder”, and how great the skiing is.  Coming from the east coast, I did not realize how much it snows out west.  So, I was really taken with the amount of snow on that particular trip.  I believe it was over ten feet, and the amazing thing was that they didn’t even close school! 

Enjoy these photos.  I highly suggest visiting Lake Tahoe.  It’s romantic, beautiful, clean, the food is great, and the locals are very friendly.  I will go back to this place..for sure.

The Cast of Characters Has Arrived.

Welcome to MY Town USA!  First lets meet the cast of characters.

This is Ashlyn.  She is a nine-year old with an opinion about everything.  She’s super smart, and loves animals.

And this is Sir Winston Chubshill.  He also is super smart and has an opinion about everything.

And, this is Shashone.  He has opinions, but he’s not very smart. He smokes.

And the rest are just random folks from the farm, most of them horse boarders.  They always have opinions about everything.  And..they like to share their opinions….lots!


I’m having alignment troubles.  I will work on this tomorrow, tomorrow….there’s always…tomorrow….