What to do on a warm day in March.

This photo was taken about a week ago, March.  The air was so warm that day.  I was so thankful for everything in my life, especially the opportunity to have a job where I can take off and go riding.  God Bless America.


Lake Tahoe Nevada….Ahhhhhhhhh!

Last year I went to Lake Tahoe to learn to ski.  I’m always hearing about the “powder”, and how great the skiing is.  Coming from the east coast, I did not realize how much it snows out west.  So, I was really taken with the amount of snow on that particular trip.  I believe it was over ten feet, and the amazing thing was that they didn’t even close school! 

Enjoy these photos.  I highly suggest visiting Lake Tahoe.  It’s romantic, beautiful, clean, the food is great, and the locals are very friendly.  I will go back to this place..for sure.